Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My sewing this weekend turned out to have a very specific theme...mouse heads.  As in Mickey and Minnie mouse heads.

The first:  The Mickey Mouse Head Quilt
My cousins and I all grew up on the same street.  Which really made it like growing up with more siblings.

Here is a photo of most of us - I am very unsure of posting this photo, but it was the 80s.  Yes I am the crazy, center-of-attention one covering my sister's face.  Pay no attention to the clothes - it was the 80's...late 80's, by the way!  The little girl in the pink dress now has a little boy of her own who will be one at the end of this month.  He was actually born on my sister's birthday, who is only 12 days older than my cousin.

He loves MIckey Mouse and is having a Mickey Mouse party. Evidently, Mickey Mouse is still very, very popular.  I had no idea. 

I decided why not make a gigantic Mickey Mouse head quilt - seems easy enough.  I added his name because I cannot seem to make baby items without a name on them.  I will be out of town for work during the party so I want to make sure I have it done before.  I figure it will make a great mat to open the presents on.  

It finishes at about 54 inches wide by 43 inches tall.  It was really simple and I LOVE how it looks so far.  It still needs to be quilted.  My 830 was running embroidered blocks for a store sample all weekend and I refuse to quilt on the smaller machines now that I have been spoiled with a 12 inch throat machine.  I am using the Quilter's Dream Dream Puff batting for extra poofiness.  I made this in just a couple of hours and I really love how it looks - I may make a Minnie one for my niece. Or maybe Hello Kitty - so hard to decide.

The second: Minnie Mouse Head Onesie

My niece, who is almost four months old now will be attending the party.  My sister wanted her to wear a Minnie Mouse outfit. I appliquéd a quick Minnie Mouse head onto the onesie to match the skirt my sister found.  

I have made her a onesie each month for her one month birthday.  The first few were not so easy to appliqué on.  Now the they are getting bigger it is becoming a little easier.  Of course, I had to try it on her.  I think she likes it...she needs a bow...I know.

I was also able to sew with my friends on Sunday at a local quilt shop.  I worked on my scrappy trip.  That seems to be the project I take with me to do some mindless sewing. I got a lot done this weekend thanks to this horrible heat wave.  I have no desire to leave the indoors this time of year.  

I will post photos later of the above mentioned embroidery sample that is sucking up all of my time right now.  I am so close to done, yet I am pretty much over it.  I hate being in that spot, but it happens on big project.  These small projects are good to squeeze in when you are at that point - instant mouse head gratification.

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