Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Wish I had Photo Skills...


I spoiled myself this weekend by purchasing a new lens for my camera.  After a small amount of research I decided on the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 with the auto focus.  This was the first photo I snapped instantly after attaching the lens. This little guy is Whiskey, his tongue is always out.

I really want to USE my camera more.  I purchased a used Nikon D60 for quite a bargain last year and haven't even began to fully understand and explore all it can do.  For now, I just take photos and act like I know what I am doing, but truly I have no clue.  I hope to learn much more about photography and how to use my camera.

In the meantime I just keep snapping photos....

My cat.  One of them, I have another.  This one was found in the street three years ago as a little kitten, she really has no name but answers only to Kiki so I guess that is her name even thought I don't like it.

More baby Audrey.  My baby photo skills are so lacking.

Lastly, my time-sucker, complete and total time-sucker.  A block from my store sample, the HoopSisters Feathered Star. I will post more on this quilt later.  

This weekend I was able to sew The Staple Dress by April Rhodes while my embroidery machine was running.  Such a quick and easy dress!  I wore it today and I love it.  I highly recommend it if you want a quick garment that is easy to sew and very versatile.  I am already planning another.


  1. Your pictures look great to me - and I love the quilting on that quilt!

  2. My husband is a very active amateur photographer and apart from all the self study he does (there are loads of great online tutorials out there), he's found that joining a local photography group has really helped him - technically via more experienced people and inspirationally as well, via the cross pollination of a group of photographers and their ideas. It might take kissing a few frogs before you find a good club, but would be worth the effort. Good luck with it :o)