Monday, May 27, 2013

Little Bits of Sewing...

This weekend I got a bit of sewing done that was not work related.  It has been awhile that I have made something simply because I wanted to do it.

For quite some time I have been wanting to make a mini-sized Swoon block.  I absolutely LOVE this block.  Making it with the Creative Grids Quick Trim Ruler makes it quick and easy. This ruler is a must-have for me.  Watch their great video to see all that it can do.

The original blocks finish at 24 inches.  I wanted mine to finish at 8 inches.  This means all those little half square triangles have to finish at one inch.  One, tiny inch.  I actually made them at about two inches and cut them down to a perfect 1-1/2" HST.  When piecing this tiny, accuracy is completely necessary.

I used some of my Denyse Schmidt Chicopee fat quarters I had waiting to go into something.  The background is the a light grey small polka dot that was in the Vintage Modern line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  I bought yards of all of these small polka dots. They make wonderful background fabrics and are in such yummy colors.

I was playing around with pieces of the unfinished block and fell in love with this block layout.  I have to experiment more with this at the larger size - love it!  

My new sewing space is pretty much back together and organized. I will take photos when It spruce it up a little more.  My mom had two vintage Danish chairs with low backs and no arms that I am going to cover for the sewing room.  They were my Great-Grandmothers, and they are perfect sewing chairs!  I am excited how it is all turning out and will post more on it later.  I also will be doing some major de-stashing.  I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated.  Way too much stuff.

I am ending my weekend watching Arrested Development on Netflix.  I decided before I watch the new episodes I am going to re-watch the series.  It amazes me that this show has not been on TV for years, yet is still so current and so popular. So, until next time I hope you enjoy my Mini Swoon.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonky Panel Quilt

I made this quilt in 2011.  It was for a class at the store that I work at on improv piecing.  I also discussed how to figure out some simple quilt math to finish quilts to the size you desire.  I finally was able to bring the quilt home with me last week.  I always enjoy bringing quilts home after they have been shop samples.  I almost feel like I have a new quilt to cherish. 

This quilt was quilted by the amazing Angela Walters.  I was fortunate enough to snag her to quilt this shop sample.  She quilted some frames that mimicked the wonky blogs in the empty blue space of the quilt. I took this as a perfect opportunity to frame off some of my favorite characters from the Appleville panel by Suzy Ultman (by Robert Kaufman, don't know if it is available anywhere anymore).

I had a lot of extra fabric.  I seem to always overestimate when I make a quilt with no pattern.  I used the remaining pieces for the back. I pieced in some of the panel scenes as well.  

Here are a few more close-ups.  I love how much texture the quilting gives it.  Angela is AMAZING! 

On another note, I purchased Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith today at my local Barnes and Noble.  I am really excited to start this journal.  Have you heard of them?  There are a few in the series now. I have been longing for one for a while.

Basically, you do as the book tells you.  Each page is different.  The tasks range from drawing with glue to smearing dead bugs on the pages.  I started today with a simple one:  spray a scent on the page.  My book now reeks of Hynotic Poison by Dior.  I figured I would give it a nice scent as I am assuming it will get pretty stinky by the time it is finished.  Should be fun! I will let you see my progress.

Later this week I should have together my next sample for Fabric Fest.  Can't wait to show you!