Monday, March 18, 2013

Anchors and Babies

Have you seen this quilt? As soon as I saw this quilt I KNEW it was the perfect birthday gift for my friend.  I have been sewing these 2 inch squares like a mad woman lately, and well, I love it so much I am making another one for myself - someday.

My friend's birthday is Thursday and this is still this:

UNQUILTED. Oh and it measures 90 X 96 inches, so I will be quilting it on the longarm.  I have nowhere to baste anything this size together.  I pieced the back together but I still need to embroider a quilt label.  Do you think non-quilty friends appreciate that you just managed to get the quilt top done in time for the birthday?  I am sure quilty friends do. I am hoping the pure thrill of getting this quilt will take the fact that it is not finished yet away.  She has no idea I made this for her. I don't think she has any idea I have this blog so I am not worried about her finding out.

Anyways, I will show her the top and explain that I will have to quilt it next week. 
The plan was to quilt it this weekend, but other things got in the way..

Like taking photos of this cute little Easter bunny.  I need major photography help! Especially when your subject is three weeks old, hungry and not too happy about being outside the comforts of her dark, dark, very photo unfriendly home.

This is what 99% of the photos look like.  That or dribbles of milk all over her mouth.  It was the only thing that made her stop crying.  At least my sister has a couple that she can use for her Easter cards.  

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  1. Love, love, love the Anchor! Might just have to make one for the old sailor. Audrey is sensational. Her shirt says it all!