Monday, August 20, 2012

LVMQG 2nd Retreat

Quite the sunset, if I do say so myself..

Last week I hit the road with my sewing machine, my mom and a truck load of food and sewing supplies to a sewing retreat outside of Seligman, Arizona.  Almost four full days and three nights of pure sewing fun!  This was the second retreat that we have done for the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild and I am lucky to have attended both. 

This is my "room".  I slept on the couch nearby and this was my sewing area.  I brought along my Baby BERNINA this trip and I have grown to love her!  I wish she had needle stop down, but she is not as embellished as her big sister and I accept that. I worked on more Swoon blocks, which seem to consume much more time than I think they should and some pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. I will get some Swoon block photos when they are complete.  They do not match yet but I have faith that the final will bring it all together!

Fourteen in all!  This photo was taken late at night so I apologize for the darkness. The house was dark all the time actually, my only complaint.  Well, it was a tad warm also.

We found this guy on a walk around the property one night.  I wanted to hold him but I let him be.  I love all of the colors in the rock!  It was such a pretty place I wish we could have stayed longer.  Everyone had a great time and I cannot wait to attend another one.  We also participated in a Secret Quilter Swap.  I will post photos of what I received and what I made in another post.  Yet again, I forgot to take photos of everything I made. I will snap them at the next guild meeting.

For much better photos of the retreat, check out the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild Blog!


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  2. I wanted to see the spider! I'm ok with bugs if A. they're outside, B. they're not trying to fly into my mouth or buzzing around my head, C. they're at least a foot away, and D. they're not going to bite me. :)

    I had no idea you made that many pillowcases.. (awesome!)