Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RIley Blake Fabric Fest Re Cap

My name up on the big screen..

I finally have some time to blog about the amazing Riley Blake Fabric Fest that I was able to teach and work at.  I had so much fun I almost forgot about the extremely long days I worked during the show.

Curved Piecing Pattern Handout

I worked behind the scenes at this event quite with Quiltique, the local shop that I work at. We were the man power behind the Fabric Fest store. I helped set-up and arrange all of the vignettes of fabric for the store's display - and take them all down.  Typical Andrea fashion, I failed to get any photos of it.  I missed the fashion show because I was so exhausted and needed to go home - but I heard it was amazing.

The store turned out to be a huge success and people loved seeing all of the great Riley Blake fabric lines arranged together with projects.  And the trims...have you seen the Riley Blake trims? Oh my..

You can check out some of the store photos at Amy Smart's blog - she was smart enough to take some photos.

Big Stitch Students
I taught two classes at Fabric Fest and both classes were amazing.  My students were wonderful (aren't all quilters?) and were so quick and eager to learn.    

More Big Stitch Students

First class was Big Stitch Quilting.  Everyone did such a great job and picked up on the quilting stitch so quickly.  The second class was Curved Piecing for the Modern Quilter.  Again a wonderful selection of students. Here is a look at some of their blocks...

How wonderful is the neon with grey?

This above photo was actually an almost finished quilt top! Crazy! I love seeing everyone's fabric selection for the quilts I make.

The Riley Blake Staff was so great to work with and did such a wonderful job at creating and organizing this event. They even took a handful of the Riley Blake Team and Instructors to the Donny and Marie show.  I have to admit - I had never listened to any Donny or Marie songs but I was pleasantly surprised at what a great show they put on.  I ended up going afterwards with a group of instructors and designers to Max Brenner for some yummy dessert/dinner.

Super Delicious Banana Split Waffle

I am so glad that I do not make it out to the Strip that often.  This place would be so tempting to go into every time I was remotely nearby. I was able to meet some amazing people and share my love of quilting with some wonderful students.  I had such a great time at Fabric Fest I hope to do it again next time.

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