Monday, April 30, 2012

CuteBots Baby Quilt

 As soon as I found out that my cousin was having a baby boy, I knew the quilt had to be made with Timeless Treasures CuteBots fabric by Rashida Coleman Hale.  I went back and forth on creating my own pattern for the design but ended up using the Ordered Chaos quilt by Carolina Patchworks.  This is such a great pattern to feature a print and it pieces very quickly (after the cutting!).

The last time I used this quilt pattern I appliquéd a large design on it and loved how it turned out.  I feel that every baby quilt has to incorporate the name so I picked one of the cutest CuteBots and added the name underneath.

I quilted the quilt on my home machine with a block type meander.  I divided it up into quadrants to make the quilt easier to manage.  I love the modern feel of the quilting and to me it matched the robot theme, so it worked perfectly.
Every time I make a baby quilt I worry about the durability of the binding.  Let's face it baby quilts will get dirty often, which leads to lots of washing!  I decided to do a decorative stitch on the binding to stitch it out down.
I wanted to use the variegated thread in the quilting but didn't want to distract from the robots, so I was able to use in the binding.  I wish I could say this was my idea but I saw this done at a quilt at BERNINA University last year and loved the look of it.  It is also a nice way to machine stitch binding without have to worry about the straight stitch catching the seem on both sides.
You can tell that this is a special quilt because I used my Katie Jump Rope fabric on the back.  You cannot buy that anymore!!  To set this stitch up you choose a nice decorative stitch that will cover the binding nicely.
I used stitch #758 on my 830.  This was the same as the sample I had seen.  It works great because it doesn't have a lot of stitching in straight lines.  I think it turned out great and will hopefully last quite a bit longer than my hand stitching; not to mention, much, much quicker!

The baby shower is this weekend.  I hope she likes it.  I want to create a few smaller quilts for him before he is born but this is all I will get done for the shower.  Until next time!

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